Whitney Port's fiancé calls her his ''wife''.

The former 'The Hills' star got engaged to Tim Rosenman in November 2013 and while the couple are yet to have tied the knot, her husband-to be can't help assuming they are already man and wife.

She said: ''[Tim] already calls me his wife.''

The pair - who are expected to wed this year - are hoping to relocate to Australia one day, with the move seeming more likely now the MTV reality star-turned-fashion designer has signed for an Australian-based management team, Chadwick Models.

Tim told Australia's OK! magazine: ''We'll probably move to Australia.

''Last time we left, we spoke about it because we loved it so much.''

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old television personality recently revealed that it was ''love at first sight'' when she met her producer fiancé at a birthday dinner for a former boyfriend.

She previously said: ''Tim was there. And I sat across from him. I left the dinner saying to a mutual friend, 'Oh my god. Who is that guy? I think I love him.' Seriously!

''There was just something about him. He was super funny, really normal and just really laid-back. Not pretentious, and not trying too hard.''

But Whitney revealed that the pair's ''deep emotional connection'' came when he worked as a producer on her spin-off show, 'The City'.

She added: ''When you work on a show, it's like summer camp and you become really close. We formed this really deep emotional connection and never really acted on it until the show got cancelled.

''We would tell each other, 'If this is meant to be, then it's meant to be.' We knew we loved each other, but we just didn't want to blur the lines.''