Whitney Houston's sister-in-law is campaigning for the troubled singer to cut ties with the so-called friends and aides that are ruining her financially. TINA BROWN, who sold her side of the Houston drugs hell to US tabloid the National Enquirer last year (05), admits she's now closer than ever to the fallen pop star, and hopes to help her see the light when it comes to her hangers-on. Brown tells urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, "She thought her house was paid for and came to find out she owes $900,000 or something... She has to move. It's not that she wants to move...And the whole time she's thinking she owns that house. "She doesn't know that (family members) took her wedding rings... or her diamond bracelet. We have paperwork where they pawned the stuff. "They've been taking from my brother and his wife from day one... I'm not going to sit back no more, and they can do whatever they wanna do." Brown is convinced that if she can just get her former drug buddy, Houston, clean for a few days, she can help her figure out the truth. She adds, "She has like 40 people on her payroll. They all have chauffeurs and (they're) buying brand new cars... but she's broke. "My mission is a quest to save Whitney from the people around her."