Family members of the late Whitney Houston banded together on Wednesday (August 15th 2012) to set up a tribute event for the singer at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles showcasing her legendary performance outfits among other things.
The singer's sister-in-law Pat Houston, brother Gary, and her other sister-in-law Donna all got together to unveil a selection of items belonging to and associated with the popstar at the event this week which they named 'Whitney! Celebrating the Musical Legacy of Whitney Houston'. They exhibited several of her trademark dresses including the beaded gown she wore in 1994 at the Grammy Awards ceremony, some of her six Grammy Awards, various film scripts, photos and some personal items of hers including letters from her record producer Clive Davis. "We have picked the things that people will find the most interesting and, in many cases, bring back fun memories", Pat explained. "We are really very overjoyed that we are here today to represent and be a part of such a wonderful and splendid career of such a beautiful and talented woman".
Houston died in February this year at the age of 48 after drowning in the bathtub of a hotel. The incident was thought to be the result of cocaine abuse that the singer battled with for most of her career. In respect for her, no mention of drug addiction was made at the exhibition which will run until February next year.