BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL has seen a lot of drama in its turbulent past but once again it is the focus of the world's gaze as Whitney Houston's body was found dead in one of its rooms yesterday (11 Feb 2012). Her body has now been moved from the BERVERLY HILLS HOTEL to the LA County Morgue where an autopsy is yet to be performed.

Video has shown that a coroner's van was pulling out of the hotel this morning (12 Feb 2012), a long time after 3:55p.m on Saturday when she was pronounced dead. The autopsy will give a clearer indication of how she died, even though authorities have confirmed that it seemed that foul play was not involved. Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said: 'There were no obvious signs of criminal intent' whilst adding that they didn't know whether the cause was natural or something else. The iconic hotel was where Houston had been planning to meet music executive Clive Davis where there was supposed to be a musical tribute for him at the annual pre-Grammy party. Earlier this week, Davis had compiled a list of stars from his bungalow at the hotel. Houston had been expected to join the likes of Tony Bennett, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Cee Lo Green and Quincy Jones at the event, before sadly dying.

The case will now continue on the main cause behind Houston's death.