Whitney Houston once turned on a female cinema-goer who reprimanded her for talking through a film and the encounter nearly erupted into a full-blown fight, according to her longtime friend Bebe Winans.
The singer, who performed at his pal's funeral in February (12), has opened up about his memories of the I Will Always Love You hitmaker in an interview with Britain's The Sun - and he reveals he will never forget their trip to the movies to see 1991 romantic drama The Prince of Tides.
He recalls, "What I'm going to miss most is 'crazy Whitney'. Whitney always wanted to know why I never liked to go to movies with her. Well, it's because she talked so much.
"I remember I went to see the Prince Of Tides with her in the early Nineties. Near the end of the movie, the woman sitting in front of Whitney turned around and said, 'Can you shut up please?'.
"Whitney grabbed the woman's blonde ponytail and said, 'You shouldn't be so rude'. Then she pushed her head forward. The woman stood up and screamed and her boyfriend stood up like he was getting ready to fight. We grabbed Whitney and bolted out of the theatre.
"Whitney was laughing and saying, 'That was so much fun!' I wasn't surprised at all because I knew exactly the sort of person she was. She could stand her ground. She didn't need a bodyguard!"