Whitney Houston's grave has been commemorated with the words ''I Will Always Love You''.

The iconic singer's final resting place was given a tombstone last week - after being unmarked for more than a year following her death from accidental drowning in February 2012 - and the shrine is engraved with the lyrics to her most famous song.

The iconic line is inscribed on a new tear drop-shaped monument, which also has a heart shape embossed on it.

The ornate gravestone was installed at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, where Whitney is buried next to her father.

As well as the lyrics, the towering tribute also heralds the gifted songstress as 'The Voice'.

It reads: ''Whitney E. Houston, Aug. 9, 1963 - Feb. 11, 2012, 'THE VOICE', 'I will always love you'. ''

'I Will Always Love You' was first written and performed by country singer Dolly Parton but became synonymous with Whitney after she recorded it for the soundtrack of her 1992 movie, 'The Bodyguard'.

Whitney's version earned her two Grammy Awards and has sold over 12 million copies around the world.

The ballad has been performed by a number of contemporary female artists following Whitney's death in honour of the singer. Jennifer Hudson gave an emotional performance of the song the night after her death at the 2012 Grammy Awards, while Beyonce has included it in her current The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.