A source close to Whitney Houston has vehemently denied the singer was drunk or on drugs during a row on a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta. The diva reportedly snapped at a flight attendant after being told to buckle her seat belt, causing her to be warned by another crew member.
The rumour mill went into overdrive following news of the row, but Whitney's camp has played down the story. A source close to the singer told E! News, "She was not drunk or on drugs, she is in the middle of filming a movie and flew across country to attend a charity event and return to filming. She was exhausted". Houston reportedly refused to buckle up, leaving a flight attendant to fasten the seatbelt herself. Delta Airlines have announced they are looking into the situation, but claim they "cannot comment on passenger or itinerary information". Houston, who has a history of drug use, voluntarily checked herself into rehabilitation for drug and alcohol issues in May 2011. Another source close to the singer has told Tmz.com the row was an "overreaction", saying ".she's still 100% sober and was on the way to Detroit for her first day of shooting a new movie".
Houston is currently shooting a remake of the 1976 film 'Sparkle', with Jordin Sparks and MIKE EPPS.