Tragic superstar Whitney Houston fell victim to an outrageous extortion plot in 1992, according to recently declassified documents from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fbi).

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, 128 pages of work conducted by the Fbi were released on Monday (04Mar13), detailing a blackmail attempt from an unidentified woman, who mailed a letter to Houston's management office, demanding she be paid $100,000 (£625,000) for her silence regarding "certain details" of the singer's private life.

A follow-up note bumped the price up to $250,000 (£156,250), prompting the I Have Nothing hitmaker's father, John Houston, Jr., to respond by sending the person a considerable amount of money, the total of which remains redacted. The case was closed soon after without anyone being prosecuted.

In addition, the agency also launched separate investigations into two overzealous followers, who sent Houston fan mail between 1988 and 1999, but no criminal action was ever taken.

One of the correspondences read, "Over the past 17 months, I have sent... 66 letters to Miss Whitney... I have been to 9 of Miss Whitney's concerts and I have tried to give her flowers twice at the concerts... When I first fell in love with Miss Whitney Houston I tried to ignore what I felt towards her. After 5 months I had to do something so I started writing letters.

"I have tried to stop writing the letters and to give up twice but after a few weeks I had to start writing again. I have gotten mad at her a few times... it scares me that I might come up with some crazy or stupid or really dumb idea that might be as bad or even worse than that... I might hurt someone with some crazy idea."

The other read, "Miss Whitney, you are just so pretty and so beautiful. I just cannot stop thinking about you. Many times when I think about you I will start to shake... I really and truly am in love with you."