It's been just 3 days since the singing legend Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hilton hotel room, but it seems the tourism industry is already looking to cash in on the tragedy.
As of Monday morning (February 13, 2012), the 'I Will Always Love You' star had made it onto a Los Angeles tour of sights where the rich and famous had lived and died. The star's body has since been transferred from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey, where she will be laid to rest in a ceremony on Friday, but all eyes are still on the Beverly Hilton for Los Angeles' avid sightseers. The luxury hotel has been included on the itinerary for a tour named 'Dearly Departed: The Tragical History Tour', which takes tourists on a two-and-a-half hour journey through, "death, murder and scandal in Los Angeles in the cool comfort of the luxurious Dearly Departed Tomb Buggy". The Beverly Hilton is already a favorite on the tour for being the place in which Democratic Presidential hopeful John Edwards was caught meeting his mistress, while his wife was suffering from terminal cancer. The scandal swiftly brought an end to his once glittering career in politics. Elsewhere, tourists stop by Michael Jackson's house - where he died in 2009, and the home of Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away last year. The company's owner Scott Michaels told the Los Angeles Times, "It is not a nice situation' to speak about such a fresh death.But we're not jumping on any bandwagon. This is what we do.When (Houston's) 911 call becomes available, we'll use that.When people hear audio from such cases, it jars them into recognition that these are genuine individuals".
Though the exact cause of Whitney's death is yet to be announced, reports in the U.S. have suggested prescription medication and alcohol could have played a role.