R Kelly has been reflecting on working with the late Whitney Houston on the soundtrack to the film 'Sparkle', with the remade movie getting a release on August 17th. For fans, the soundtrack will be a late way to celebrate what would've been her 49th birthday last week, when it comes out.
Talking to MTV, Kells commented "I'm proud of the whole outcome of the movie, the cast and everything. When the director came to me about a year and half ago about it, and explained it to me, [I thought] 'that's right up and down my alley.' I grew up watching [1976's] 'Sparkle.' It's one of my favorite movies and I've kinda got the old school and new school in me, so it was perfect for me to go back and dig up that old vibe as far as the old tracks was concerned. It was perfect, and I had a ball doing it."
Kelly then reflected fondly on how he and Houston worked together in the studio, saying "We challenged each other a lot in the studio, from the first moment we laid eyes on each other, but it was a lot of fun." He added "Whitney was a ball of fun, she reminded me of my sister who I used to argue with over music and that's what me and Whitney did - we argued over what note she wanted to hit and what note I wanted her to hit, but it was fun. At the end of the day, we got it down."