Singer Whitney Houston was reportedly forced into rehab by record label boss Clive Davis, in a bid to salvage her music career.

According to American gossip site THE SCOOP, Davis - the new head of BMG, the parent company of Houston's label ARISTA - demanded she check herself into a drug rehabilitation centre, following months of speculation about the state of her health.

A source tells The Scoop, "A lot of people are wondering, 'Why now, since she's been a mess for a while?' But the truth is, Clive Davis stepped in and said, 'You're going into rehab.'

"He's been making a lot of changes, and Whitney is one of his pet projects. He wants to fix her up and get her back in working order. He pulled a little tough love on her and told her, basically, get clean or get out."

18/03/2004 17:06