Covering a Whitney Houston song is an unenviable task at the best of times, the late singer was renowned for her powerful soaring vocals and impressive range. So when Jessica Sanchez agreed to perform one of Houston's most technically challenging songs (and without a doubt her most popular), she was taking on a huge challenge.
Having made it through the audition rounds of the show, Sanchez proved herself to be head and shoulders above her competitors, receiving a standing ovation for her pitch perfect and impressive performance of 'I Will Always Love You'. She had Jennifer Lopez jumping up and down and caused Randy Jackson to bellow "Jessica Sanchez is legit!" Steven Tyler added "you just made 40 million people cry." Skylar Laine also impressed, with her country version of Whitney's classic 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go?' She had to tone down the force of her vocals a little but when it came to the final performance, she delivered a strong performance. Hollie Cavanagh performed a version of All The Man That I Need and promised viewers that she would 'let herself go' a little. She took Mary J Blige's advice to heart and Jennifer told her it was "beautiful."
Shannon Magrane's performance of 'I have Nothing' showed up the singer's flaws as only a Whitney Houston song can. Shannon hit a few bum notes during the performance and hammed it up too much for the judges' liking, meaning it looks likely that she'll face the chop pretty soon.