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When is this woman's album ever gonna come out???? It's sad what happened to Rihanna but she's gonna bounce back quick. Whitney saw worse for so much longer. The best thing she could do for Rihanna and other young divas is to make a triumphant comeback. Act Miss Houston dnt just talk let's hear the music now!

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by John Moody

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she will not hear any thing, ANY ONE! have to say,, she will go back, to his LUCK< now he has a way OUT

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by mary be good

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The situation is unfortunate between chris brown and rihanna. However I believe they do love each other. I don't believe what he did was right but she has a mind and a mouth,And if she wants to work things out with him that's her business. Who knows maybe after all that's happened she can mold him into becoming a better person,and help him with his problem instead of judging him! Along with the help of others that is..

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by who wants to know

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I think that Ms. Houston has more than a right, an oblgation even, to send a message to Rihanna and other young women (especially on issues of troubled relationships and domestic violence). Ms. Houston is speaking from experience and if we had more women like her, willng to speak out about violent crimes against women, then maybe we can break the cycle of abuse. I appreciate Whitney for reaching out to Rihanna and using her experience as a catalyst for change. Good for you Ms. Houston! Rihanna ultimately has to make her own decision anyway; Whitney is simply giving her some advice (and she is speaking from a real place . . . a place that she has been before). Some women go through things so that other women don't have to . . . and anytime you can keep someone from making the same mistakes that you did (and enduring the same kind of pain), you should. Women should be uplifting and empowering [for and to each other] . . . I think that is all Ms. Houston is trying to be!

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by PgW

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woman you need not to be saying a dam thing leave rihanna decide for her self she was born with a brain and a mouth right rihanna if you still love him hey good because you want to trust me the love ain't gone its just been put on hold so ms. houston shut the hell up

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by Steppingup

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