Whitney Houston's best pal has called on the troubled singer's husband Bobby Brown to come forward and publicly distance himself from claims his sister TINA has made about his wife's alleged drug problems. Soul star CHERELLE was appalled when Tina Brown took her story to the US tabloids and claimed Houston was a sex-mad junkie - even offering up photos of the fallen superstar's alleged drug den. But she urges fans not to take Tina's comments to heart. She tells urban magazine Sister 2 Sister, "Tina Brown is Tina Brown... Is somebody mad at somebody because she doesn't take care of them or what? "My thing is this: if anybody needs to try to give a statement on something like this right now, it should be Bobby and that is the bottom line as far as I'm concerned. "How in the hell did it get to where his sister could do some s**t like this? Let's deal with it. My sister-in-law would never have gotten past my husband with no s**t like this. They would never have done that out of respect... How did it get to the point they could do that?" And Cherelle urges other Houston critics to think about the singer's teenage daughter, BOBBI KRIS, before going public with claims and allegations. She fumes, "Maybe they're that messed up or money-hungry that they don't give a damn what they do but they don't even care about KRISSY. That is Krissy's mama."