Whitney Houston has brushed off criticism of her comeback show in the U.K. on Tuesday (13Apr10), insisting she was playing to a "tough crowd".
The R&B superstar scrapped a string of European concerts earlier this month (Apr10) after she was hospitalised and diagnosed with chronic rhinopharyngitis - a swelling of the membranes in the nose and throat.
She made a return to the stage after a week of illness with a concert in Birmingham, England - her first concert in Britain for 11 years - but the gig was blighted by bad reviews and boos from the crowd.
The singer was accused of sounding breathless and off-key throughout the show, and she drew heckles from the audience when she left the stage for a 15-minute break.
But Houston is refusing to take the criticism personally, insisting the audience was difficult to please.
She says, "They were a tough crowd. (But) it feels great to be on tour again. Making music has always been my passion. I love the U.K. fans, they're my core fanbase."