Troubled superstar Whitney Houston has checked out of a rehabilitation centre after only five days of treatment.

The singer, 40, has cut short her stay at a rehab clinic and is instead continuing her recovery program at an unknown location near her Atlanta, Georgia, home.

Houston's spokeswoman NANCY SELTZER says, "Miss Houston is continuing the prescribed treatment, as was planned.

"Her movements are in total keeping with the program."

While the I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU singer continues to remain supportive of husband Bobby Brown, she will not be with him when he appears in a Massachusetts court in a paternity suit brought about by a woman who claims the R+B star fathered her two children and has not paid child support. Houston and Brown's 10-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina is currently staying with relatives.

Houston has already claimed to have kicked her drug habit with the help of spiritual adviser PRINCE ASIEL BEN ISRAEL.

Israel says, "When you've got the demands of the press and the demands of your public, you're trying to take a pill to stay up and one to lay down.

"I think it's that kind of lifestyle."

24/03/2004 17:37