LATEST: A high-profile auction featuring items owned by Whitney Houston actually included many possessions that didn't even belong to the singer. A New Jersey storage company applied for a court order to sell Houston's belongings after she failed to pay $150,000 (GBP76,000) in fees. According to, many of the items being stored were the property of former chief of Warner Music MICHAEL FUCHS and US TV network HBO. Fuchs decided to sell the contents of the warehouse after the star failed to make payments. Sources say the priciest possessions, including pianos, studio equipment and instruments, actually belonged to members of Houston's tour group. The source explains, "A lot of the items didn't even belong to her. They were owned by back-up musicians and small vendors." Fans snapped up hundred of items this week (begs08JAN07) which they believed belonged to Houston, including a clear Schimmel grand piano which sold for $20,000 (GBP10,300).