Friends of R+B diva Whitney Houston are fearing for her health again - after she and bad boy husband Bobby Brown horrified staff at plush London store Harrods with their outrageous behaviour.

The I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU singer arrived at the glitzy London shop on Thursday (27MAY04) with a TV crew in tow and proceeded to exhibit bizarre and demanding behaviour.

Staff say the troubled couple looked "drugged and disheveled" as they danced and giggled manically around the store before ordering the shop assistants to give them more than $18,300 (GBP10,000) worth of designer clothing for free, says British newspaper the SUNDAY MIRROR.

One tour assistant says, "She was all over the place. I could barely understand a word she was saying. Both of them were behaving really oddly.

"It was amazing to see how far such a glamorous star has fallen. It was hard to believe this was the Whitney Houston the world knows."

30/05/2004 14:20