Whitney Houston, Madonna and Paul McCartney are among a long list of music legends whose bizarre behaviour is exposed in a new tell-all book by music mogul David Foster.
The Grammy-winning producer writes about their alleged antics in his new memoir, Hitman.
In the book, he calls former Beatle Paul MCCartney "one of those musicians who needed to be reminded of his greatness".
Remembering his collaboration with the legend, he writes, "(MCCartney was) a little like being on a bad date. Ten bad dates, maybe."
According to Foster, he didn't see even a "hint" of drug use by Whitney Houston - whose erratic behaviour in more recent years has sparked rumours of drug abuse.
Though he adds, "She and hubby Bobby Brown certainly seemed addicted to each other... When Bobby was gone, she'd begin to fade."
But Foster admits there was a more distinct duality when he worked in the studio with Madonna - who divorced from her husband of eight years, director Guy Ritchie, earlier this month (Nov08).
Foster admits he told the pop star he didn't approve of the guy-on-guy kissing featured in her 1991 film Truth or Dare, and she quipped, "If that bothered you, you're too square for me. You represent everything I'm trying to change."
But in a rare, and more somber moment, she confessed, "I just need a man. I need to be with a real man."