BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN has sparked concerns for her wellbeing after having starting to act erratically following Whitney Houston 's death. According to US Weekly, multiple sources are suggesting that her family members are urging BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN to go to rehab.

The 18-year-old aspiring singer who had to see both parents struggle with substance abuse has now apparently turned to the problem herself. An insider told US weekly: 'Whitney's passing is sending Bobbi off the deep end. Bobbi's problems are out of control'. However another source told Hollywoodlife that Kristina had already made a reputation for being a 'party animal' since the age of fourteen. This source, who had gone to Eddison High School with the starlet, suggested that she had been dealing with drug issues for a few years now: 'Bobbi Kristina was really nice. People liked her, but she was known as a problem child', adding that when she was 14 'She was a party animal, even then' and that she didn't have 'much supervision' and was 'living life on the edge' at that age.

Therapists have advised members of her family, such as grandmother CISSY HOUSTON, to persuade Kristina to live with them in New Jersey for the time being.