Whitney Cummings' was no doubt celebrating this week as the new show that she co-wrote and co-created '2 Broke Girls,' premiered on Monday (19/9) and brought in 19.2 million viewers on CBS. There was cause for double celebration too as her other show - sitcom 'Whitney' - was one of the most watched shows on Thursday (22/9) night, though contrastingly only pulling in an audience of 6.7 million, reports The Inquisitr.
The star was in buoyant mood before 'Whitney's' airing as she spoke to The Press Association, reports Cbs - though stressed the two shows weren't in competition with each other. "I don't really think we're competing," she said "and they're two different shows, although both of them I'm incredibly proud of."
'Whitney,' based around a group of peoples' relationships, has drawn comparisons to Friends, and Cummings admitted that the show was an inspiration for her, "the characters on 'Friends' were all really funny and had their own thing and were all very specific and fully developed ... That was always my goal. Each character should be able to have a spin-off show."
Cummings also explained that the characters on both shows were largely based on her - though any notions of vanity were quickly vanquished; "There's no difference between me and my comedy and my character, solely because I'm lazy," she admitted, "It's important people who do know me from my stand-up recognize me on the show. That's what got me here."