RAINBOW rocker JOE LYNN TURNER has stunned the music world by revealing Whitesnake star DAVID COVERDALE uses tapes to cover his vocals live.
Turner claims he stumbled upon the rock legend's little secret during a festival in Finland last summer (08) - and made sure Coverdale knew how disgusted he was to discover the Here I Go Again singer uses vocal tricks onstage.
Turner tells Spain's TheMetalCircus.com, "I was in Finland with Graham Bonnet and we were on the same festival (bill) as Whitesnake, and I couldn't believe he was using these tapes - for lead singing! Not just backgrounds, but lead!
"My mouth was open. I was like, 'What the f**k, David? You can't do this. You look so stupid, so foolish.'
"I couldn't believe it, because he was always one of my favourite singers.
"I can understand backgrounds if the (others) don't sing. But for lead? You've gotta be kidding."