Whitesnake frontman DAVID COVERDALE has urged Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page to record a new album using a variety of different guest vocalists.
The Kashmir hitmakers announced in October (08) that they plan to tour in 2009 without Plant, who has opted out of the reunion shows. The band are reported to be auditioning singers to take Plant's place for the concerts and a possible new album.
But Coverdale, who was recently forced to deny his own band would be opening for Led Zeppelin on tour, is adamant that a reunion with a new full-time singer wouldn't work.
And the star admits he has been talking to guitarist Page about the possibility of recording new tracks with a series of different vocalists - because he and Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott would love to collaborate with the legendary musicians.
He says, "My suggestion to him when I saw him in the summer was to do what Carlos Santana did with (1999 album) Supernatural. Get a selection of people in, because there's no question John Paul Jones writes f**king kick-a** music. I said Joe Elliott and me would come in and do a track rather than the focus be on one person.
"Will people be willing to see three-quarters of the family with a guest - a cousin twice removed? I'm as curious as anyone to see how it works out... Change is good as long as you f**king deliver. I hope it comes together for him (Page) because he deserves it."