Whitesnake frontman DAVID COVERDALE was recently forced to fight off a "huge" black bear that entered his property in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The rocker admits bear intrusions have become something he worries about daily - but he hopes he never has to chase one out of his home again. In a post on his website, the Here I Go Again singer recalls, "It appears we have a very real problem." Coverdale estimates one smaller bear broke into the swimming pool area of his home and took a swim before breaking through a window in a guest bedroom. The rocker adds, "Fortunately the guest left... but, unfortunately, left the sliding glass door open. This is where the (second) bear came in. "I was in my office on the same floor, thank God, when Jaz (son Jasper) burst in saying he'd heard something in the pool. I paged the house for my assistant Mikey, grabbed an air horn canister and ran out of my office just as the bear's head came out of the room. "Jesus, he was big... I ran toward him screaming, firing off the air horn and shocked the buggery out of him... He turned and scarpered out the way he came. I chased him into the garden and saw his size... Thank God he ran off... No way was I gonna wrestle this bugger!" Coverdale reveals he has now installed a "big bear trap" in his garden and is in "major lockdown" inside his home.