THE White Stripes frontman Jack White hugged the late POPE JOHN PAUL II when he was 12-years-old. White, who was born John Gillis, was brought up Catholic by his parents in Detroit, Michigan and was honoured to meet the pontiff in 1987. He recalls, "We got to go to mass at the cathedral when Pope John Paul II came to Detroit. And during the procession into the church he stopped in front of me. "There's a photograph of it somewhere. I was 12 years old. "My mother said, 'His name is John,' - which is also the Pope's name obviously - and the Pope hugged me. I was shocked. I didn't hug him back because I didn't know you were allowed to. "It was a confusing moment and quite intense. Even though he actually spoke to my mum in English, it sounded like Polish to me."