White Stripes rocker Jack White is surprised he escaped with just a badly broken finger after his car crash last week (09JUL03) - because 27 is the "year of the rock'n'roll death".

The star, who celebrates his 28th birthday in September (07SEP03), collided with another vehicle whilst driving with his Hollywood star girlfriend Renee Zellweger in his home city of Detroit, America, and has had to cancel several live gigs because of the injury to his guitar playing finger.

But White happily describes the incident as a "warning", noting that fellow rockers Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison all died aged 27.

He says on his website, "I broke my finger, three breaks, car wreck, horrible left turn in front of me, no chance of escape, air bag, the air near my fingers, devil in my left hand, doctors say no way, lot's of pain, typing with one finger, made it through year of rock n' roll death, got off with just a warning.

"Apologies to those wishing to see my hand live, soon enough I'm sure."

16/07/2003 21:11