Cult duo THE White Stripes has sought odd inspiration for their upcoming album - it's a bizarre tribute to a TV skit by British comedy trio THE GOODIES. The White Stripes frontman Jack White has announced the group's much-anticipated new album will be called ICKY THUMP, a reference to The Goodie's beloved Ecky Thump martial arts comedy sketch. According to MTV News, Icky Thump is the name of an Iowa team on US TV robot challenge BattleBots - but even that was a veiled tribute to BILL ODDIE, TIM BROOKE-TAYLOR and GRAEME GARDEN's comedy skit. The title hails from a 1975 Goodies episode, called KUNG FU CAPERS, in which Oddie's character masters a northern English fictitious fighting technique - the Ecky-Thump - which involves striking an opponent with a black pudding. In a website posting, White confirms his fondness for The Goodies, stating, "Though some residents of northern England might almost recognise the title, The Stripes stress they are spelling it wrong intentionally just for kicks."