Rockers White Stripes have recorded their new album in record time, and it could be ready for release as early as June (05).

The band laid down the follow up to 2003's Elephant in under two weeks at Jack White's Detroit home studio - and look certain to preview material at the Glastonbury Festival in England in June (05).

A friend of bandmembers Jack and Meg White told British music magazine NME last week (16MAR05), "They only started about a week and a half ago and they were aiming to finish the recording on Friday (18MAR). There's still things to do though, like mixing and mastering. They're working at their usual pace, but to finish an album in this time is impressive nonetheless."

In his last interview, Jack White predicted the record would be finished speedily: "I'm going home to record and it should be done pretty quick. I've done it (this way) for a long time, in my attic and out of my house, making 45s for bands. When bands would come to town, they'd stay at my house and we'd cut an album

"I've been doing it for as long as I've been writing, and for as long as I've had bands, I've been recording. I never knew too much about the technical side, I just wanted to get things on tape that were soulful."

23/03/2005 13:51