THE White Stripes have demanded a Connecticut filmmaker pull his documentary on the duo from circulation - because it messes with their plans to release a concert movie later this year (04).

The group served GEORGE ROCA a cease-and-desist order after hearing the documentary maker was planning to premiere the film, NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO TALK TO CHILDREN, at festivals.

Roca, 26, insists he had the full co-operation of the band when he started the project in September 2001, and he claims singer Jack White had no contractual issues.

Roca claims he was handed a contract by a record company representative during a New York show in 2002 show and was told he couldn't continue filming if it wasn't signed.

He signed the agreement so he could carry on shooting - and unwittingly signed away all of his rights to the film.

He says, "I was 22-years-old, straight out of film school and pretty naive. I was a huge fan and didn't anticipate that anything like this could happen."

Since screening the film at the recent SEATTLE FILM FESTIVAL, Roca has withdrawn the film from the festival circuit and has ended his search for a distributor.

He adds, "I feel so betrayed by this band and so screwed over. They turned famous and just forgot about us."

30/06/2004 02:51