THE White Stripes star Jack White is still looking for answers as to why Iggy Pop shunned his efforts to produce The Stooges reunion album last year (06). White, a huge fan of the punk icons, offered to do anything if Pop and his bandmates agreed to let him take charge of their comeback album - and he thought he'd got the job after a chat with the group's frontman. The White Stripes star, who made his full producing debut on country queen Loretta Lynn's acclaimed Van Lear Rose album, says, "Years ago I got a call from Iggy and I said, 'yeah, let's do it.' I had an idea: let's all live in a house together, get the recording equipment in, no one's allowed to leave, stay there until it's done. "Iggy loved it, but the next day he called and said, 'I don't know, man.' "Years went by and people around The Stooges said, 'You should do that album.' "Out in Australia when we were on tour together, I said, 'Look, whatever you want me to do, I'll do it. Play bass, bring you guys coffee, I don't care...' "I mean, I'm in debt to The Stooges for life and I'm never going to say no. So I guess you'd have to ask them (why I wasn't asked)."