THE White Stripes frontman Jack White is urging his critics to forget about the song he wrote for Coca-Cola, insisting if it wasn't for the internet "no one would know it existed". White was accused of "selling out" when he penned a track, Love Is The Truth, for an advertisement for the soft drinks giant in 2005. Two years later, White is still asked about why he wrote the song for such a large corporation. He says, "I take everything on a case-by-case basis. I thought the visuals were beautiful and wrote the song for it. "In the long run, it didn't really matter. They only played the thing one time. And Coca-Cola hated the song! If it wasn't for the internet, no one over here would know it existed. "Certain people made us (The White Stripes) the poster boy and girl for lo-fi, indie, garage music, anti-this and anti-that. I don't remember us saying those things. "That is how you think Jack White is - go ahead and love that guy. I don't care. Don't matter to me. But this Jack White is writing a song for this Coke ad."