THE White Stripes frontman Jack White has launched a scathing attack on British singer/songwriter BILLY CHILDISH, accusing him of plagiarism. The BLUE ORCHID hitmaker posted a message on the band's official website on Monday (27FEB06), in retaliation at comments Childish made about his group in an American GQ magazine interview. Childish, who formed a number of bands including THE MILKSHAKES and THE BUFF MEDWAYS, said of the Detroit duo, "I can't listen to that stuff. "They don't have a good sound. Jack's half into the sound and music, but then he wants to be a pop star as well, so you've got a big problem." White's message reads: "As for Billy Childish, Meg and I really feel sorry for you. It must be lonely sitting in all of that garage rock bitterness Billy. "You know children, when you take someone else's music and put your own lyrics on top of it, it's still called plagiarism. "Something Mister Childish hasn't learned yet. By the way Billy, we didn't have to have you play with us, and we didn't have to mention you in interviews, we were just being polite in a foreign land. But you're welcome anyway. The bitter garage rocker."