LATEST: THE White Stripes frontman Jack White was amazed when a Chicago, Illinois radio station claimed he verbally attacked a DJ after she leaked the duo's new album earlier this month (Jun07). White insists all he did was ask Q101's DJ Electra why his new disc, Icky Thump, was aired in advance of its official release this week (begs18Jun07) - and he can't believe the fuss his call has made. He tells, "When you're famous, you're not allowed to have any kind of reaction, unless it's completely positive, saying, 'I love rainbows and stars.' "But this radio station, in this instance, I was having a private conversation with somebody, and they wanted to exploit it and try to make even more press out of the situation. But that's what usually happens nowadays. "Jack White, the singer and songwriter, isn't reacting to you; it's the president of Third Man Records - our record label - calling you and asking for an explanation. "I'm not screaming and yelling at anybody. I'm just saying, 'Who did it? Tell me why you did it.' (They reacted) like I called up and threatened to burn down the building or something, for God's sake."