White Stripes frontman Jack White is to produce tracks for country legend Loretta Lynn on her new album - because her songs bring him to tears.

The unusual pairing came about when the FIRST CITY singer's daughter PATSY found out the SEVEN NATION ARMY band's album WHITE BLOOD CELLS was dedicated to her mother.

Loretta - whose life was depicted in the 1980 Sissy Spacek movie COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER - then invited the rock star to her ranch in Tennessee, America earlier this year (03), where White discovered Loretta still pens heart-wrenching songs.

He says, "I wanted to cry when I heard these songs. She's still writing amazing songs.

"(The album) will be getting away from this horrible production of modern country music that I can't stand and getting down to something raw like she really is."

White has long been a fan of the country star, who he labels "the best singer-songwriter of the 20th century", and was happy to find he got on well with his musical hero.

He adds, "There's some kind of connection with us. I feel really comfortable with her, and I think she feels really comfortable with me, which I'm really glad for, because I could see someone like me - the way I look or whatever - not being appealing or her thinking that maybe I wasn't down with the kind of music she does. She could tell that we had the same love for the same things about music."

The release date for the album has not yet been confirmed.

03/07/2003 17:31