White Stripes frontman Jack White will be producing some album tracks for his country star hero LORETTA LYNN - to whom their longplayer WHITE BLOOD CELLS was dedicated.

The unlikely pals met at Lynn's home earlier this year (03) before Jack invited the country star to perform RATED X with his band at New York's HAMMERSMITH BALLROOM.

The SEVEN NATION ARMY songwriter, who has been romantically linked to actress Renee Zellweger, says, "We really hit it off. There's some kind of connection with us.

"I feel really comfortable with her, and I think she feels really comfortable with me, which I'm really glad for because I could see someone like me - the way I look or whatever - not being appealing to her thinking that maybe I wasn't down with the kind of music she does.

"She could tell we had the same love for the same things about music."

Talking about the tracks he adds, "I wanted to cry when I heard these songs. She's still writing amazing songs."

02/07/2003 17:22