THE White Stripes rocker Jack White's infamous Coca-Cola advertisement has been leaked onto the internet. In the forthcoming commercial, the rocker sings lyrics including, "It's the right thing to do, and you know it/It's inside of you, so just show it/Love is the truth". The video mimics the style of the promo for The White Stripes single THE HARDEST BUTTON TO BUTTON, by replicating the ad's characters in time with the song's beat. Frontman White amazed fans when he agreed to write and sing a love song to aid the soft drinks giant's flat sales, but said at the time: "I've been offered the opportunity to write a song in a way which interests me as a songwriter. "I certainly wouldn't want a song that I'd already written to be used on a commercial. That seems strange. "But to be asked to write something particular along one theme of love in a worldwide form that I'm not really used to appealed to me. I've written a song and I wrote it really quickly and it's an interesting commercial that's been made. I was inspired by the commercial." Fans can see the advertisement at website