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White Rose Movement
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White Rose Movement Kick Album

A throbbing and thudding disco kick coupled with a throaty femme vocal element provided by the seductive sounding Finn Dyke, signals the start of this thrusting debut album, by way of the title track. The cohesion of electronica and guitars has been a recipe for disaster from outfits who just don't know how to get the blend and feel right, but for this quivering quintet it seems to be their sixth sense. 'Love Is A Number' succinctly packs a vocal punch and puts affairs of the heart in its place, with the aid of a thumping backbeat and high rising guitars.

A splash of blues trickles through the eleven tracks and manifests itself in no small part in the male vocals, most noticeably in 'Alsation'. Good old fashioned Rock N Roll instrumental freewheeling and dingy-ness takes over in 'Idiot Drugs'. The wandering and lovelorn 'Deborah Cane' that immediately follows this, gives a great indication of the Norfolk outfit's ability to switch emotions and tempo. A heartily provocative The Cure meets Jean Michel Jarre feel is proffered by way of 'Testcard Girl', to give the band a troubled edge. Overall; 'Kick' is a mishmash of musical styles spanning the 70s, 80s and 90s to keep you alert and interested.

David Adair

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