White Lies have claimed that they are not morose people, despite the dour nature of their songs.

The London trio have become one of the most hotly-tipped bands for 2009, with their new single To Lose My Life scheduled for release on Monday (January 12th).

However, the band have insisted that they try to keep their sprits up as performing their bleak music night after night can be "draining".

"It's not always the most uplifting," bassist Charles Cave told the BBC. "It's really important for us to maintain a level of humour on tour.

"Because if we lived through the songs, we'd be basket cases."

Cave added that he does not really believe in lists which are compiled to predict bands' success, preferring to prove their musical worth first.

"I think we'd all rather turn up next year and win a bunch of awards for the album that we've made."

The band recently announced they will be playing a free gig at HMV on Oxford Street on January 20th.

09/01/2009 12:46:37