White Ladder hitmaker David Gray believes he was robbed of an award by Robbie Williams at this year's (FEB03) Brit Awards.

The BABYLON singer says that he didn't care initially about the award for Best Male Singer, but by the time it was announced he was upset to lose out to FEEL singer Williams - because he'd been led to believe he would win.

He says, "I was done. It's so boring, giving it to Robbie Williams. THE Streets guy would have been my favourite, he lit up people's years with his mad energy. I didn't think for a minute I was going to win. A NEW DAY AT MIDNIGHT was such a sombre record. But they wound me up to such a point. I wasn't gonna be playing then I was.

"When I got there a cameraman came up to me and asked 'How does it feel to have won?' I was the only person in the category who was actually at the event and they insisted I sat at the end of the row, the cameras waiting, so I was thinking, 'The tell-tale signs! I'm going to win,' so I was s***ing myself I was going to have to say something!

"Then it was..'and the winner is...' And I really wanted to win! This inner diva had emerged. I thought they were making a joke because it was those funny lads who were up announced it...'it's Robbie Williams!'

"I thought they were going to go, 'No, it isn't it's...'

"And the next thing his great big mug was up there. What about me? Me! Me! Me!"

20/05/2003 16:56