The first televised presidential debate, due to take place in Oxford, MS tonight (Friday), will be held as scheduled,. Republican presidential candidate John McCain announced today that he had reversed his previous decision to suspend his campaign inasmuch as significant progress had been made on a deal between Congress and the White House for a bail-out package. In a statement, the McCain campaign said that it "is resuming all activities and the senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Earlier, Democratic candidate Barrack Obama had said that he intended to appear in front of the cameras in Oxford with or without McCain. Although it was originally announced that the debate would focus on foreign policy, debate moderator Jim Lehrer told the New York Times "I am not restrained from asking questions about the financial crisis." Meanwhile, David Letterman resumed his comedic onslaught against McCain for pulling out of his show at the last minute on Wednesday. On Thursday's Late Show , Letterman said that when McCain called to tell him that he had to rush back to Washington, he felt that accommodating McCain was the patriotic thing to do. But when he learned that he had decided to sit down with Katie Couric instead, he felt "like an ugly date." As the audience howled, Letterman continued, "I feel used. I feel cheap. I feel sullied." A McCain spokesperson later said that the campaign "felt this wasn't a night for comedy."