Olympus Has Fallen , the first of the White-House-invaded-by-terrorist movies -- White House Down came later -- has landed at the top of all home-Home Video charts. The Sony flick not only was No. 1 on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert DVD and Blu-ray Disc charts, but, because Sony does not impose a 28-day-delay on film rentals by Netflix and Redbox, it also was the most rented film last week, according to Home Media magazine, which tracks home-video rentals. The movie pushed last week's best-seller, Tom Cruise's Oblivion, from Universal, to second place. (It's not yet available on Netflix or Redbox.) The Jackie Robinson biopic 42 held the runner-up position on the rental chart. Arriving in third place was The Big Wedding, which flopped theatrically, despite a cast that included Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton and Katherine Heigl.