Consumer Union, the nonprofit group that publishes Consumer Reports , has called for the February 17 date that the switchover from analog to digital TV is scheduled to take place to be be postponed. In a letter sent to Congressional leaders and the White House, the group focuses its attention on recent news that the government has run out of money to fund the coupon program that was designed to help persons who do not receive their signals from cable and satellite companies purchase analog-to-digital decoders. "With Feb. 17 only 40 days away, we are concerned that millions of at-risk consumers, including rural, low-income and elderly citizens across the country, could be left with blank television screens. Consumers have fewer resources than ever to buy the necessary equipment to regain access to essential news, information and emergency broadcasts, the letter said." One of those who received the letter, Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey, chairman of the House Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee, later said that "moving the date back certainly warrants further discussion and may be a wise choice."