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Whirlwind Heat
Air Miami
Single Review

Whirlwind Heat Air Miami Single

These fuzzy spazzoid rockers from Michigan have the stage presence of a set of Martha Graham School for Contemporary Dance students, who have accidentally sat on a row of electric chairs. 'Air Miami' is going to do nothing to alter their captivating live exuberance, for it contains the same pace, off kilter instrumental fuzziness and David Swanson's screechy projection that fires out off the wall defiance and energy.

'Same Maiden Name', on the other hand, is a departure for this flighty trio, as they embrace the ambient genre and shake it up slightly with slower vocals, stacked on top of a grating and grinding accompaniment made by a strange combination of Bass, Drums and Moog. They continue their slower foray initially, in 'Backhand' that then dashes off in their customary crescendo of freedom pronouncing instrumental strangling. Whirlwind Heat have created the band that deep down everyone really wants to form; mind expanding, inhibition releasing eccentricity with a fig leaf place upside down on the top.

Rating 8/10

David Adair

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