Review of Flamingo Honey Single by Whirlwind Heat

Whirlwind Heat

Whirlwind Heat - Flamingo Honey (XL - RECORDINGS) - Single Review

Whirlwind Heat

Flamingo Honey


Ten one minute tempters of conceptual Detroit rock produced by the enlighteningly eccentric trio of David Swanson (Vocals/Moog and bass), Steve Damstra (Bass) and Brad Holland (percussion) see the heat return to build on the warm reception given to last year’s debut album; ‘Do Rabbits Wonder’. Never before has so much been crammed into ten minutes, with screaming and at times rap like vocals building up from a foundation of frazzling moog and bass fuelled

Whirlwind Heat - Flamingo Honey (XL - RECORDINGS) - Single Review

instrumentals. ‘Meat Packer’ is the epitome of Whirlwhind Heat whacky and frantic, but crisp, compelling and slightly scary at the same time, something that is borne out in their lyrics;

“Pollution of a mean filled man

running in circles with a diaper at hand,

laughing at the garbage can.”

Swanson’s almost Francis Black style vocals at times, gives Whirlwind Heat an added edge and some extra vibrancy in intriguing tracks such as ‘A Worm’s Coat’ and ‘No Gums’. This tormenting trio is certainly one to keep your eye on as they have an insatiable taste for diversity and originality, as the nature and format of this offering implies.

David Adair