Swedish singer Whigfield had a shock when she played a private gig for the Macedonian President - he expected her to perform topless.

The sexy SATURDAY NIGHT star, who is relaunching her career following pop fame in the 1990s, was asked to do the gig after original choice, former topless model SAMANTHA FOX , turned the opportunity down - but she was shocked when the unnamed President expected her to display her assets.

She laughs, "I once got a phone call from a guy working for the President of Macedonia. The President wanted Samantha Fox to sing for him but she'd said no so I went instead.

"We flew to his royal palace and halfway through my performance, one of his aides says, 'The President wants to know when you'll be taking your top off.' It turns out they hadn't dared tell him they couldn't get Sam Fox and he actually thought it was her!

"It's not even as if I've got huge breasts is it? So I smiled sweetly and said, 'Tell Mr President to f*** off. They're not coming out!'"

28/11/2003 03:26