What Lies Beneath beauty Miranda Otto was left confused after meeting leading man Harrison Ford for the first time - because she thought he was just one of the on-set carpenters.

The Australian actress - who is best known as EOWYN in the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy - found the Star Wars legend so aloof during filming on the 2000 thriller, that she cannot recall even having a conversation with him.

She says, "I thought he was one of the carpenters! The producer introduced me to this guy who was so low-key, wearing a denim shirt, jeans and a cap, and I didn't really see who he was because he kept his head down.

"He mumbled just one word: 'Harrison.' I just said, 'Hi.' Then the cameras rolled, we just did it and that was that. There was no contact before or afterwards."

Ironically, Ford was a carpenter by profession before finding fame in George Lucas's 1973 hit American Graffiti.

07/01/2004 17:04