Ex-Wham! manager SIMON NAPIER-BELL has slammed his disgraced music mogul contemporary Jonathan King, who was released from a British prison yesterday (29MAR05) a convicted paedophile.

Napier-Bell, a homosexual like King, pities the 60-year-old pop boss for his inability to form an emotional relationship with someone his own age.

He says, "It's rather sad for someone to get to that age and only be able to fancy people who are at an emotional level of 14 or 15.

"But he broke the law. I don't think he's got much to complain about really."

King, who discovered bands including Genesis and 10CC, served less than half a seven-year jail sentence for four indecent assaults and two serious sexual offences on boys aged 14 and 15.

30/03/2005 13:49