Former Wham! star George Michael is fearing for his life after being bombarded with a succession of threatening emails from an obsessive stalker.

The fan broke into the pop hunk's luxury London home and hid in his basement for four days last year (03) and she's recently discovered his email address and has been flooding his inbox with a torrent of abuse.

Michael is now in talks with the police and fears he could suffer a similar fate as John Lennon, who was shot dead by deranged fan Mark Chapman in 1980.

A friend of the star explains, "He's received a lot of emails from this woman and they're not pleasant. He can't shake her off and is really worried by what she might do next."

A police source adds, "Everyone is worried that this could be another John Lennon or George Harrison case. It's being treated very carefully."

25/11/2004 02:08