A big-screen movie about 1980s hitmakers Wham! has been thrown into doubt after former frontman George Michael refused to give the project the go ahead.
Michael formed one half of the group alongside Andrew Ridgeley and their former manager Simon Napier-Bell is in talks to make a $100 million (GBP50 million) movie about the duo's rise to fame.
But Napier-Bell fears the film may never reach cinemas because of Michael's determination to control the production - and it will have to be scrapped if the star doesn't give the movie his blessing.
Napier-Bell says, "There are several people sniffing around a Wham! film but I'm not sure any of them will come off because they all require Wham! music in them - and George controls all that.
"He will have the yes or no on each script presented. George would want control."