Former Wham! star George Michael is at the centre of another police probe after allegedly crashing into three parked cars in North London. The pop star, who was arrested for possessing cannabis earlier this year (26FEB06) when he was found slumped at the wheel of his car, is accused by angry neighbours of shunting a string of vehicles in his $105,000 (GBP60,000) top-of-the-range motor. The incident, which took place yesterday morning (16APR06), saw Michael reportedly drive away without telling owners he had bashed their cars. If found guilty of the driving offences, he could face a maximum sentence of six months behind bars for failing to report a road accident. One witness tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "I spotted George Michael just sitting there, staring at us. He didn't look too good for that time on a Sunday morning. "After a while he tried to move off but shunted into the back of a Peugeot. It scraped its wheels along the kerb and then smashed into the front of a green Rover. There was another almighty crash, then he just drove off again. "It was really bizarre. No one could quite believe what they were seeing." A police spokesperson confirms the case is being investigated, adding, "The driver has yet to be questioned and we are unable to confirm at this stage who was driving the vehicle that was involved."